Reconnect with you to express my feelings over the past five weeks.

In these five weeks I say, I had desenvolverme the hospital setting as a nurse in practice, and the truth is it was a very rewarding experience (not economically, unfortunately).

I could see much of the work that I will be able to develop as end of the Graduate (and where to find work, of course, given to existing labor situation) and found that it disgusts me to no, and I can say that my career choice is good.

Seeing both sides of the counter, I realize that times are not you the little, and because you can not, or are not sure you can, eg.

And above all, to stop two minutes to worry about a patient who is sad or suffering pain, can act a bit like calming.

A wonderful experience that I will play on repeat another environment. Keep you informed.

Saúdos e grazas por ler 🙂