Good morning to all of you!

I would like to tell you a little what has been my experience so far in the Masters in Gerontology. Today I finished the first semester and I am immersed in the second, and the rest that I should do are the external practices in residence from September (or whenever you choose to residence, which is still to be decided)and the Work of Master's Thesis (Fakoly)

The experience overall was positive, because we are in class 12 normally, However even some elective, and the experience of this year compared co that was the career, class above the 50, 60 or 70 students, It is quite distinct.

There is much more interaction, both among my colleagues with me, as the teacher with us. My impression this year is to be in a more familiar and relaxed.

Besides, Master is in Compostela pulling more towards the social, more being the specialty clinic did not Coruna, polo que se ven cousas sobre as que non insistiron moito no Grado ou que directamente non tocaron, e que nos aportan moito para entender a situación en global das persoas maiores, e nos acercan a todos os ámbitos que debemos de ter en conta na atención a estas persoas.

Who will interest older people and come from the social environment, although not exclusively, may interest you.

Do not recommend the EIR! LOL