Gustaríame express a small complaint against the Galician Health Service.

Today acudín the appointment he had in Surgery certain hospital Coruña. I had to get up the 6 the morning to get a little time to be there as 9 and 20 da mañá, as far from A Coruña Ribadeo (distinguished native village of residence and this humble blogger) an hour and a half- hour and three-quarters going to normal rate. This is the first complaint.

The second is that I was treated by a medical resident who even got up from the seat to look at me more closely, no longer ask more. And in previous consultations that began as, came a licensed physician to throw myself a look,but in this case did not.

For if someone seems too critical on my article, Please tell to your doctor said that seemed to be aware of the activities of his fellow department, because he knew the days would be to atenderme and not.

I also thanked changed the date of appointment,it tells the time tell me that he had a philosophy exam the day of the appointment and I agree that moving test site.

Asking a bit of humanity in times of professionalism and care in, despídome, and if someone wants to read and take note, always something that will. = )