Jack Andrada, rediscoverer of the method

Why is not viral, I bring you the case of Jack Andrada, of 16 years old, who rediscovered a method for a 60 years of nothing, for detecting pancreatic cancer, ovarian and lung in only 5 MINUTES.

He uses paper sensors that worth 3 cents (even less of 3 cents of euro). Using inwrought antibodies in a nanotubules network, can detect protein mesotelina, present in the blood of patients of these cancers.

I applaud Jack from here, and I send him all my respect.

We'll always have to ask:

  • Why was not known before this method that is 60 years old?
  • Why of that 201 laboratories which he contacted with, only one was interested in him?


Here the source: http://www.lacapital.com.ar/informacion-gral/Un-chico-de-16-aos-invento-un-sensor-que-detecta-el-cancer-en-cinco-minutos-20131115-0061.html