I already have the (very big) books!!

Hi everyone. Today I bring this you a graphical document of the fat book of Petete 3 volumes we will have to study because of the EIR. Yet we don't have a schedule so they are totally virgin, but soon I will have to use they. I am much looking forward to starting, remember things and learn; to spend a few months getting ready and thenRead More »

EIR 2017

Hi everyone, I am studying Master in Gerontology, and meanwhile I knew a few collegues that they were studying EIR since we finished the degree, and this year they had the exam (actually a few weeks ago). This year I wanted to start studying, I think that with the Master I can take time to study enough to not do itRead More »


Tomorrow we begin again with supervised probationary period. This time he played Traumatology at the University Clinical Hospital of Santiago, and again in the morning shift. Return to rise early, waking patients who were quietly sleeping, returns to take all vital signs and for having been, return the analytical morning… And I hope to also learn somethingRead More »